Friday, May 18, 2012


I wish I had something positive and interesting to write about but I just don't.  As I try to take on a more natural lifestyle - we've been cutting a lot of chemicals out of our lives - I find myself so disappointed with society. 
Grocery day always makes this worse.  Watching people park in no-parking areas because they're too lazy to walk the extra 10 feet from an actual parking spot...  Single guys in their 20's who park in the "Reserved for Mothers" spots... People who can't be bothered to  bring their carts to the cart corrals, and instead leave them in the middle of the lot... People walking through the grocery store, with little fat children alongside, and their cart full of potato chips, sugary cereals, red meat, white bread, sugary drinks, and not a single piece of fresh produce in the whole thing.   These are the things that make me sad.

I truly believe that the downfall of humanity is going to be caused by the few huge corporations that sadly dictate our lives.  Did anyone see  Wall-E?  Remember how the one big corporation ended up ruining the planet?  Yeah, something like that, except I'm sure that it'll be more than just Wal-Mart and garbage.  It's going to be big companies like Monsanto, who mess with the wrong piece of genetic information; or Pfizer, who cause a mutation in the wrong virus.  There are too few people out there telling us how to run our lives - what to buy, what to eat, how to live. 

Unfortunately, we're going to go along with it because we always have.  Like lemmings, society has always done what these big corporations have told them.  Several decages ago, Dow told us we needed harsh chemicals to be clean, and now we fill our homes with them - who doesn't have a cabinet full of nasty cleaners under their sink?  Today, big corporations are telling us we need white flour, white sugar, and artificially fattened meats.  And like lemmings, we're listening.
If you ever doubt the saying "you are what you eat," look around at all of the fat, lazy people in the world.  You can bet they've all been fed on malnourished, mistreated livestock who never see the light of day.

...I'm not done ranting, but I'm done typing.  I think it's time for a beer...  and not a word about the GMO grains it's probably made of.

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